The Lake

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The Lake

taken with a Lumia 925 no filters



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Newburyport Harbor
taken with a Nokia Lumia 925


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Being on US T-MO and being a WP user on the first round T-MO came in with two high end sets the HTC HD7 and the Dell Venue Pro. moving forwarded to WP7.5  T-MO went for two middle range devices the Nokia Lumia 710 and the HTC Radar. Moving right along to WP8 and again T-MO comes in with two middle range devices. the Nokia Lumia 810 and the HTC 8x both being 4.3 in screen size. the Samsung ATIVs sporting a 4.8 in screen size a 16-32–64 GB removable battery This device is something that should be sitting on the T-MO network giving us WP users a better choice on a larger screen and removable battery.. I don’t understand there ho hum approach. As much as I like being on the T-MO network I’m finding it harder and harder to stay as they seam to not want to carry high end WP devices at all.

WP8 Short Supply

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We know that the L920 is in high demand with supply’s not keeping up with the demand. So did Nokia miss judge sales predictions or are they now unable to mass produce devices, thus the reason for Nokia going down the exclusive road.?

HTC has done somewhat better but they as well are seeing shortages. With the 8x

Windows Phone 8

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With strong demand ground breaking design WP8 is gaining ground.

Samsung ATIVs

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So it looks as though the ATIVs isn’t going to happen this year total failure on Samsung psrt


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We are now some 30 days into WP8..with only two real devices one being the most sought after windows device yet it’s exclusive to only one carrier in the states the other is trying to be called a flagship device with just 16gb. Samsung ATIVs is still missing in action.such a shame that it is which leaves WP fans little choiceWP8 has clearly been a disaster no show devices to ones that are exclusive at this rate why would anyone want one with so much to chose from on Android