WP7 & Your PC

Wouldn’t it have been nice if you could let us say Play all your games that you have WP7 on your home PC for the times that you are home. I think having full features like that is the way to go. Overtime I think we are going to see big slowdowns on PC sales. with more and more sales going to Tablets and Phone devices, I still think there will be a big demand for laptops as well but the days of the PC leading the pack are all but over. Sure when I’m at home I want to use my big 24 inch screen on my gaming rig.So it would be rather nice to be able to use or have access to all my WP7 apps from my home PC.

It’s features like this that would be a really big game changer for the WP7 ecosystem. We all know that in a few short months Microsoft will no longer be bound by the antitrust ruling. So we could be seeing a lot of this in the coming Mango update this fall and the new Win8 that will be coming out as well.

Microsoft really needs to get the updates out what is sad is that we wont be seeing anything until the fall and that would be that the bugs will not get patched that the MP is still rather flawed. When one is scrolling say in social and you happen to see and app that you like, clicking it on reading about the app when you go back to the MP after reading about the app you are taken back to the top rather than coming back into the point where you left off.

Though I must admit I’m really excited about the Nokia WP7 devices that will be coming out soon. I’m hoping that T-MO will be offering Nokia WP7 devices.Also not only do they make quality devices there Turn by turn navigation using Ovi maps us simply the best.


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